Welcome to North Jersey Wing Chun.

We teach a simple and direct internal Chinese martial art. It is the art of fighting without fighting. It is the one system that releases you from all systems.

Our Wing Chun Principles:

  • A strong foundation is paramount to building a successful structure mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  • The first form, Siu Nim Tao, (The Little Idea or Little Seed Form) prepares the ground with emptiness by introducing mindfulness, softness, concentration, and a simple and direct structure. Once this has been practiced, we use drills and interactions that bring us beyond our everyday thinking state to the immediacy of the present moment.

  • Present moment awareness combined with soft, strong, simple, and efficient movements roots us to the ground. Wing Chun starts in your head and works its way down through your heart to the ground, then returns it.

  • Wing Chun becomes a way of life and never stops teaching us.